Operating Manual

This is the manual that is found in the "INFO" section of the SNOR Device app. We strongly suggest reading through the "Operating Manual" before starting using SNOR. Knowing what to do and when to do it will greatly enhance your results because you will not be wasting the first sessions learning the software.

Unpack the “SNOR” Device, insert two AAA batteries into the Device (Image 2a).  Immediately after starting the app, it will start searching for the device via Bluetooth. If Bluetooth is not enabled on the smartphone, the app will ask you to do so. A successful connection to the device will follow by blinking indicator light on the device (once per second) and a message on your smatrphone screen: "The gadget is connected".

If there is no connection, the message "Trying to connect to the gadget. Please wait ..." will appear repeatedly.

If there is no connection for 10 or more seconds, you should check the connection of the batteries and / or their quality and charge status..

You are now ready to start working with the app by pressing the “START” button on the screen. Once you press the “START” button, the next screen will present you with a brief explanation of the Device purpose and the training procedure (Image 3).

Make sure you choose your “user number” if you are using a 2-user version of the Device. The results for each user get logged into the database separately.

Press the button “DEVICE SETUP”. The setup window will open, showing the brief explanation of how to work with the Device. Specifically you will see a guide on how to correctly place the tube inside your mouth and how to activate and train your soft palate muscles (by performing the suction effort).

Insert the tube into the tube-catch located on the Device enclosure (Image 2b).

While setting up, keep in mind how the training procedure takes place. The method eliminates snoring by training the soft palate muscles. In order to activate those muscles, you must perform suction efforts through the tube without using your cheek and lip muscles. The instruction in the phone app are supported with drawings (Image 5).

Press the "BEGIN SESSION" button after which a window will open explaining the testing procedure (Image 6). The testing is mandatory, and it needs to be performed before the start of every training session. This procedure is required to evaluate the strength of your soft palate muscles. The data collected during the testing procedures is used by the device to automatically adjust the difficulty of the exercises based on your abilities. The strength of soft palate muscles can vary from one person to another in multiples of 8 to 10; therefore, something that is easy for one user can be extremely challenging or impossible for another. Therefore, the testing procedure (soft palate strength evaluation) is critical. Another important feature of the “TEST” option is that the test results are logged / saved into the app memory, and they demonstrate your progress as you go through the training course.

After pressing “BEGIN TEST” you will see a timer counting down to the start of the testing session (Image 7). The test screen features 3 vertical blue sections (Image 8) and you will hear the voice commands, informing you what you need to do and when you should do it. The voice will instruct you to make 3 sucking efforts through the tube during the testing procedure. Your goal is to suck in the air through the tube at your maximum ability when the orange graph runs across the blue sections of the screen. The height of the graph on the screen directly depends on how much you strain the muscles of the soft palate.

The testing procedure is complete when the “TEST RESULTS” window appears. “AVERAGE PRESSURE” corresponds to how much negative pressure (vacuum) you have created inside the tube by performing the suction effort during testing. Generally, the average pressure created during the testing procedure in the beginning of the course is within 50-150mb (millibar) range. After completing the training course, the pressure will be in the range of 250-350 mb.

“TEST RESULTS” screen also shows you the recommended level of difficulty for your current soft palate condition. The levels are presented as numbers (1, 2, or 3). The higher number corresponds to a higher exercise difficulty level. The test results can be saved/logged into the database by pressing the “SAVE RESULTS” button. You also have the option of repeating the testing procedure if you think that you can reach better results on second try. You can also reset the current testing result and exit the testing screen by pressing “EXIT WITHOUT SAVING” button.

After the testing procedure is complete, it is time to move on to the training session, which consists of two separate types of exercises. The first information window (Image 10) will explain the procedure of completing the “BARS” exercise. Press the “START EXERCISE” button to start the exercise. A new window will open (Image 11), featuring five blue vertical sections. Press the blinking “START” button in order to begin the exercise. Once the exercise starts, you will be prompted by the voice commands instructing you when to apply the sucking efforts through the tube and when to relax. You will have to apply effort five consecutive times during this exercise. The screen during the training exercise is shown on Image 12. Every one of your efforts is reflected on the screen in a form of a raising blue graph: the more effort you apply with your soft palate muscle, the higher the graph will peak. Your goal is to keep the blue graph above the red threshold line. The threshold level is set individually for every user based on the results of the testing procedure. A good analogy for the threshold line is the amount of weight you are lifting at the gym to make your muscles stronger.

After 5 soft palate muscle tensions of 5 seconds each the device will allow for rest. There will be a movie or a slideshow demonstrated on the screen (Image 13). Sample multimedia files (movies and images) are uploaded to your smartphone during the app installation; however, you are able to use your own video files from your smartphone / tablet or you can view any videos from YouTube if your device has online access. We will describe the procedure of choosing custom multimedia files later in this guide.

The resting period takes 20 seconds, although it can be interrupted by pressing the “CANCEL” button or can be extended by pressing “+” button at the top left of the screen. Every press of the “+” button extends the resting period by 10 seconds. The time until the rest period is over is shown in the top left corner of the screen.

Once the rest period is over the screen with the blue background sections will appear again and the training will continue (another cycle consisting of five soft palate muscle tensions). The threshold (minimal level of muscle tension) will be recalculated for every new exercise cycle, and it is set based on the results of the previous training cycle. This allows to track the change in your muscles conditions as you get tired during training.