This guide is the piece of paper that comes inside the box together with the SNOR Device. The QUICK-START GUIDE is your quick reference to using the device. Keep in mind that this guide only covers the basics. Please read the full OPERATING MANUAL before using SNOR Device. The OPERATING MANUAL can be found at SNORETECH.COM MANUALS & GUIDES or under the button below:



The purpose of the electronic SNOR Device is to eliminate the symptoms of snoring. The goal is achieved by training the muscles of the soft palate and subsequent strengthening and tightening of those muscles.

 Snoring appears when the muscles of the soft palate weaken, sag, and start vibrating in the stream of air created by breathing during sleep. During the training course with the SNOR Device, the soft palate muscles will gain mass, become stronger and tighter, and stop vibrating during sleep. As a result, the snoring will disappear. The course takes 3 weeks to complete and the snoring comes to an end within anywhere from three months to over a year.


SNOR is an effective instrument for overcoming ‘simple snoring’ - the breathing abnormality that is not classified as a disease (2015 ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Code R06.83). We make no claims that SNOR would help people diagnosed with sleep apnea disorder (2015 ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Code G47.30 and E66.2). SNOR is not a medical device that treats or cures any disease, but rather a specialized muscle-training device. SNOR helps with daily social problems associated with snoring. It is designed for individual in-home use.


SNOR Device connects to an Apple or an Android smartphone or a tablet (we will refer to both as ‘smartphone’). The Device provides visual feedback of the soft palate muscle training activity on the screen of a smartphone in real time with its own software app (biofeedback technology). Soft palate muscles activate when a user performs a forceful suction effort with his/her mouth through a tube, which is connected to the Device. SNOR provides the appropriate exercises, automatically adjusts the difficulty to the user’s ability, and allows the user to track and control the activity of their muscles during the course of an exercise.

The standard training course consists of 20 sessions. Each session takes 10-12 minutes to complete.


While using the SNOR Device, following certain safety rules is important, just like with any battery-powered electronic device.

Read all the recommended instructions and guides before using the SNOR device.

Do not use defective batteries, which have lost their seal and have outside leaks or corrosion buildup.

Do not use the device with a damaged cable or a damaged connector jack.

Do not use excessive force while inserting the tube into the tube catch (see explanation later in this guide).

Store the SNOR Device in a dry environment.

Do not store the device in temperatures exceeding 112 ∞ F / 50 ∞ C.


Unpack the SNOR Device. Open the battery compartment on the back of the Device by pressing and sliding the lid downwards. Install the included AAA batteries (or analogous LR03, 24A) corresponding to the diagram on the bottom of the battery compartment.

Attention: If the batteries are installed with improper polarity, there is a risk of shorting the circuit. The batteries may heat up, lose their seal and damage the device.

Remove the batteries if you are planning to store the Device for two weeks or more. Keep the Device in a dry environment to avoid the risk of corroding the components. The used batteries should be removed from the device and disposed of according to the rules in your region.


Prior to using the Device:

1. Install the SNOR app on your smartphone. It can be found on Apple iTunes, Google Play or on our website: www.snoretech.com.

2. Connect the cable from the SNOR Device to your smartphone’s headphones output connector. The LED indicator (located on the front of the SNOR Device) should turn on (it may be located behind a sticker but it will shine through).

3. Launch the SNOR app on your smartphone, press the ‘GUIDE’ button, and read the instructions.


Working with the Device:

1. Connect the headphones to the Device (female audio jack on the front panel);

2. Insert the tube into the tube catch by pushing in and twisting it lightly. Be sure not to use excessive force;

3. Press the ‘START’ button located on the screen and read the instructions, which will appear on the screen.

Attention! If you see a pop-up window: “the gadget is not connected”, see below:
- Make sure the batteries are correctly situated inside the device (polarity). Change the batteries if they are discharged.
- Make sure there is no physical connection problem between the SNOR Device and the smartphone. Press the audio jack into the smartphone, move it around, and rotate it to make sure it is well connected.

4. Press the button ‘DEVICE SETUP’ and practice situating the tube correctly inside your mouth and performing the sucking efforts through the tube. While you are in this menu, make sure that the connection between the tube and the device is airtight. If there is a leak, push and rotate the tube into the catch. If the air-leak is still present, try another tube.

5. Press the ‘TEST’ button and read the description of the testing procedure, which is required before every training session.

6. Complete the testing procedure by pressing ‘BEGIN TEST’. Repeat the testing procedure if needed. Save the result.

7. Choose the media you would like to watch by using the ‘MOVIE IMAGES’ button.

8. Read the description of the first exercise ‘BARS’ on the screen. Press the ‘BEGIN TRAINING SESSION’ button and follow the audio prompts from the device to complete the exercise.

9. When you are done with the ‘BARS’ exercise, you will be forwarded to the second exercise called ‘MOVIE’. Make sure you read the description of the exercise. When the exercise starts, continue to perform the suction efforts through the tube, following the information on the screen and the voice commands.

10. You can review the results of the training session and evaluate the effectiveness of your efforts during the exercises.

11. Finalize the session by pressing ‘END SESSION’. You now exit the software by pressing ‘EXIT’.

12. Disconnect the SNOR Device from your smartphone or tablet.

While working with the SNOR Device, the most common problems are:

- insufficient and loose connection of the SNOR Device cable and the smartphone female audio connector. In this case, the SNOR app will display a window: ‘The gadget is not connected’. The solution is to try to establish better contact by pressing the audio jack into the smartphone, moving it around, and rotating it to make sure it is well connected.
- making the sucking effort through the tube incorrectly. Firstly, you have to correctly position the tube inside your mouth. You have to hug the tube with your lips specifically at the colored marker and press it up against your hard palate with the back of your tongue. Secondly, you have to suck the air in through the tube without engaging your cheeks (as you normally do when drinking liquids) and engage your soft palate instead. At the same time, your lips should be somewhat tense in order to keep the tube in place and not let the air into your mouth past the outside tube walls. The cheeks should be relaxed.
- giving up. Keep in mind that working with the SNOR Device is similar to going to the gym. You have to commit yourself to the exercises and put full effort into performing the exercises at your maximal ability. You also need to have the will to finish the exercises. We provide an excellent tool to rid you from snoring problems. It is up to you to be persistent in your training and to achieve the best possible goals.


The SNOR Device does not contain any components that require any ongoing service other than the occasional replacement of the batteries. Known brand-name batteries will last for 4-5 full training courses. There is a possibility that after prolonged use of the Device, your saliva might get into the tube catch. This will not affect the functionality of the Device; however, it can be esthetically and hygienically unpleasant. You can use a piece of tissue to absorb and remove the saliva from inside of the tube catch.

Your SNOR Device is designed to last you for many years. You can resume the soft palate muscle training in the event the snoring ever comes back.


Snoretech’s ‘SNOR’ line of products is warranted to be free from defects in materials or workmanship for one year from the date of purchase. Within this period, Snoretech will, at its sole option, repair or replace any components that fail in normal use. Such repairs or replacements will be made at no charge to the customer for parts or labor, provided that the customer is responsible for any transportation costs. For more information about the warranty, visit www.snoretech.com