Snoring appears due to the relaxation and vibration of the soft palate muscles located deep inside your mouth cavity. The weakness of the soft palate muscles causes them to vibrate and physically produce the snoring sound during sleep.

When the soft palate muscles are strong and toned, the vibration goes away and snoring disappears. Our “SNOR” device is an “electronic fitness coach” which targets the soft palate muscles and makes them stronger and tighter.


SNOR is the electronic training device for the muscles located deep inside your mouth cavity. SNOR makes those muscles strong and tight and snoring disappears for many months. SNOR is a smart trainer. It connects to your smartphone and leverages its processing and multimedia power to maximize the effectiveness of the training.

Our team has developed a new approach to eliminating the symptoms of snoring. We have developed the SNOR Device to train a specific muscle group inside your mouth cavity to successfully achieve our goal. This is the only non-invasive method on the market that naturally removes snoring for prolonged periods (from months to over a year).

SNOR is a smart, advanced training device and will make your soft palate muscles strong and tight. After the training course the muscles will stop creating the snoring sounds when you sleep (see the "why do I snore?" section), SNOR connects to your Apple or Android smartphone or tablet. The device features easy-to-use, intuitive software, which is simple and entertaining to use.

Working with the SNOR Device is very easy. Connect SNOR to your smartphone, plug the provided tube into the device, launch the software, and start the training session.
SNOR will lead you to the successful result step by step: snoring will disappear.


The soft palate muscles are located deep inside your mouth cavity. During sleep, your soft palate vibrates under the stream of air created by your breathing. The vibration of the soft palate physically creates the snoring sound.

The snoring sound is physically created by the vibration of the soft palate muscles. Soft palate muscles are thin and flat with one of the edges freely hanging inside your mouth cavity. The function of this muscle group is to separate the nasal passages from your mouth cavity when you swallow. They prevent food from getting into your nose (Image 1) and they take part in forming the timbre of your voice.

When the soft palate muscles are weak, they relax during sleep and sag more than they should. As you breathe, the air that passes in and out of your mouth makes them vibrate, similar to how a flag ripples in the wind, emitting the sound that we know as "snoring”.



Without the SNOR device you will not be able to flex the correct muscles in order to train them.

Any effective muscle training involves the usage of specific training gear such as weight machines, cardio machines etc. When used, that specific gear applies appropriate load on your muscles and allows you to control the load levels. However, there is no such gear designed for training the soft palate muscles.

This is why we have developed SNOR, an electronic device that registers the tension of the soft palate muscles with a specially-designed sensor. SNOR is also able to set individual goals based on the actual abilities of a user.

SNOR displays how strongly the muscles of your soft palate muscles activate on the screen of your smartphone.

SNOR adjusts the sensitivity of its pressure sensor based on your ability. That makes the exercises easier or harder to perform. The red threshold line defines how hard you should be working and tensing your soft palate muscle. The higher the threshold, the more effort is required from you.


When you engage the soft palate muscles, SNOR shows the success of your efforts on your smartphone screen.
SNOR automatically dials in the difficulty of the exercise, creates the appropriate training course, and makes the training interesting by using multimedia feedback.

Research has shown (US Patent 8460159) that the only way to engage the soft palate muscles intensively is to perform a sucking effort through a tube.

There is a tube attached to the device which a user places into their mouth. In order to perform the exercise correctly a user must suck in the air through the tube with force by flexing their soft palate muscles. The SNOR Device measures the strength of the suction effort with a built- in pressure sensor, analyses the information, and displays how well your soft palate muscles are working on the screen of your smartphone. The software sets various challenges, offers different types of exercises, and motivates you with various media to keep you entertained.

The device sets a certain training program and displays a graph on your smartphone screen in real time. The graph acts as a reference for how well you are performing the exercise. This is called "biofeedback".

Apart from demonstrating the graph of your soft palate muscle activity, SNOR uses a number of multimedia stimuli of your choice (movies, videos, images) to reward you for your good effort. This makes using our device simple and pleasurable. SNOR also saves all of your progress in easy-to-read charts and tables format, which you can review at any time.

Within two weeks you or your partner will notice that you are snoring a lot less. By the end of the training course, the snoring will have completely disappeared. The standard length of the course is 20 sessions. Each session takes 8-12 minutes to complete.

Soft palate muscles activate intensively when you perform a sucking effort through a tube. For this purpose SNOR features a tube, that connects to the device.

1 - Before every session the device tests your abilities to set the appropriate difficulty of the training program.
2 – The SNOR Device clearly guides you through the training process every step of the way. There is never any confusion about what you need to do next.
3 - This is what you see on your smartphone screen as you perform one of the exercises (the "Bars" exercise).

4 - During the rest periods between the exercises the device entertains you with a movie, a music video or an image slideshow of your choice.
5 - Here you can see another exercise, "Movie". It requires prolonged tension of your soft palate muscles.
6 - The results of your training are saved after every session in the memory of your smartphone and are readily available for viewing at any time


There are some alternatives to our device. Some are effective most simply act as a "band-aid" and do not solve the actual cause of snoring. Learn about them here.

The only comparable method to SNOR in its effectiveness is surgery (UPPP or Pillar Procedure). Surgery is an invasive method; therefore, pain, possible infection, and a recovery period are common factors. The other problems associated with the surgical approach are the change in the timbre of your voice, food making its way into your nasal cavity, and the inability to repeat the procedure when snoring returns. There are no such problems associated with our device.

CPAP is another method that works. CPAP is designed to relieve the symptoms of sleep apnea and although it is somewhat of an overkill for simple snoring, it works very well. The method requires using a mask during sleep. The mask is connected to a machine, which pumps air into your throat, creating constant air pressure inside your mouth cavity and preventing your airway from collapsing when you breathe in. The snoring comes back if you stop using this machine; therefore, you will be tied to this device for the rest of your life.

Electronic stimulators are wristbands or phone apps which will bring you out of deep sleep when they detect the snoring sound. Out of any anti-snoring devices and methods, we like this one the least. This method can destroy your sleeping patterns, circamdian rythms and it can lead to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. This method can negatively affect your life and well-being.

Mechanical jaw stabilizers are a very popular approach. These oral appliances can stop or reduce snoring by moving the lower jaw forward. This maneuver opens the back of the throat up, which reduces and can stop snoring. The problem here is this. The mouthpiece, which may fulfill the intended purpose, has to be designed specifically for you by a dentist. For a proper designed piece you would be looking in the neighborhood of $1800. The endless variation of mouthpieces sold online all have a low effectiveness rate.