This is the technical FAQ, which covers the questions that you may have when you are starting your training with SNOR Device. This FAQ is specific to physically using the device. To review the FAQ and any information about SNORETECH methods and technologies, refer to our general "HOW IT WORKS" page, which can be found at SNORETECH.COM HOW IT WORKS or under the button below:



When SNOR Device is connected I can hear high pitched background noise through the headphones. Why does it happen?

The noise can be present in the headphones with high sensitivity towards the high frequency range sound. The noise is part of the normal operation of the SNOR Device. SNOR Device uses audio cable for data transfer between the Device and your smartphone / tablet.


When I make a sucking effort through the tube, the red bar does not raise high enough.

This issue is happening because you are not making the sucking effort correctly. Firstly, you have to correctly position the tube inside your mouth. You have to hug the tube with your lips specifically at the colored marker and press it up against your hard palate with the back of your tongue. Secondly, you have to suck in the air through the tube without engaging your cheeks (as you normally do it when drinking liquids) and engage your soft palate instead. At the same time your lips should be somewhat tense in order to keep the tube in place and not let the air into your mouth past the outside tube walls. The cheeks should be relaxed.


During the sucking effort, the graph goes up but “falls” shortly after, although the soft palate muscles are still tense.

Most of the time this problem occurs due to the loss of seal between several components of the Device. The leak will disrupt the pressure reading between your efforts and the sensor (which registers your soft palate tension). Make sure that the tube is well pressed into the catch and not leaking air. Make sure that the metal tube catch located on top of the device case does not have any excessive play. Try using another tube and see if it fixes the problem. In the case of device components loosing seal, the Device has to be replaced. Please see the exchange instructions on seller’s web site.


Under what circumstance do I need to repeat the testing procedure (“TEST” button)

During first few training sessions fully engaging your soft palate muscles will be an unusual task; therefore, there may be some unsuccessful attempts and mistakes done during the testing procedure. If you feel that you have not completed the test with your full ability, or you feel that you have made some mistakes, you should repeat the “TEST”. To repeat the test, press “REPEAT TEST” button located in the “TEST RESULTS” window. Sometimes, you may get tired after several unsuccessful testing runs. You may skip the testing for that particular session by pressing “EXIT WITHOUT SAVING” button.


During the “BARS” exercise, the threshold level is too high and I am having trouble reaching it.

 Do not get too concerned if performing the exercises seem too hard. The software is tracking your activity during the exercises and it will adjust the threshold down for the next attempt. Same goes for the “MOVIE” exercise. The software sets your threshold level every 20 seconds of exercise using your previous soft palate muscle engagement attempt as a reference.


I get tired too fast. I am unable to finish some of the “BARS” exercises properly.

If you get tired too quickly, during one of the exercises, you can press the “PAUSE” button. Once you are rested and ready to continue, press the “START” button. You can also extend the resting periods by pressing the “+” button at the top left of the screen. Every time you press “+”, the rest period is extended by extra 10 seconds.


If I start sucking on the tube intensively, I start getting blood in my mouth.

Yes, that is a rare case but there is a possibility that this can happen. Due to the intensive activation of the soft palate muscles, negative pressure is created inside your mouth cavity (vacuum). Under those conditions, a small capillary vein in your gums may rupture, which will result in blood getting out. Do not worry, it is not dangerous and it is a temporary occurrence. The training process will strengthen your gums along the way. Keep in mind that if you think there is enough blood to be concerned or if the blood still comes out after 5 -7 training sessions, seek the consultation with your dentist. You may have to treat your gums to get rid of any blood during training with SNOR.


The communication between SNOR Device and smartphone/tablet is carried out over the audio jack.

The LED indicator starts to blink when the Device is connected to the audio output connector of the smartphone/tablet. Due to the differences in hardware of android-powered devices, not every brand will function with SNOR. The sign of incompatibility is the lack of led light (located on the body of SNOR Device behind the sticker) turning on after you launch SNOR app. The app will also display the following message: ”Gadget is not connected”.

The functionality of SNOR app is guaranteed starting with Android 4.2 version software

If SNOR Device is incompatible with your Android phone, return the device back to us for a refund. (See the Return Policy on the site of the seller).